Playlist for On The Blower – 5 April 2019
  • everywhere is nowherethe fleshtones w/ mary huff
  • Nothing At AllThe Stroppies
  • soul sinistermono deluxe w/ kylie auldist
  • GenesisRaiza Biza + Remi feat. Sampa The Great
  • open up your mind (wide)the gap band
  • No TickerThe One Twos
  • so much more stringsboatkeepers
  • Robert Mitchum at Mitcham stationRob Snarski
  • Furry Sings The BluesJoni Mitchell
  • mindstream (psychedelically speaking)meat beat manifesto
  • tonight i'm gonna rock you tonightspinal tap
  • rock and rollheart
  • where's my buzzdave graney and the mistly
  • Good Citizens [At Vital Bits 30th anniversary show - Noisy Ritual Winery]Cash Savage
  • crazy jane and the day of judgementrobert forster
  • party pies, cocaine, paddy wagons and lawyersthe disgruntled taxpayers
  • the ultimate exposermod vigil
  • GarbagemanThe Cramps
  • la petite princedoctrinaire
  • sousoume tamachekmdou moctar

About this program

Brunch dahling? Shut up, I'm on the blower. Talkback RRR style, music freestyle, presentation Tony Biggs style.

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