O' Tomorrow
Playlist for O' Tomorrow – 3 November 2021
  • How is your PopoSpeed Queen
  • ConwayJaguar is Jaguar
  • Train to LovelandMX-80 Sound
  • EverydayThinking Fellas Union Local 282
  • ThursdayThe Puddle
  • 14The Red Krayola
  • California DreamingDenial
  • SaetaNico
  • Le GoudronBrigitte Fontaine
  • Moi AussiBrigitte Fontaine
  • ça va faire un HitBrigitte Fontaine
  • Inside OutBroadcast
  • Watcher At The WindowBlue Chemise
  • Candy ShoppeEmeralds
  • Enchanted HouseFour Gods
  • Quiet Night RainJob's Daughters
  • Of YesterdayCount Viglione's Love and Flame featuring Lady Carolyn
  • Storm TrooperAcid
  • Livin' in the cityPink Reason
  • Shadow Of A Lonely ManConstant Pain
  • Dark Part of My MindCrazy Elephant
  • BarracudaSlub
  • Leaving My Old Life BehindJonathan Halper
  • Silver and GoldSouthern Comfort
  • Who Loves You?The Pooh Sticks
  • Afternoon TrainUnrest
  • Map Of The CityRoyal Trux
  • Yankee WheelsJane Aire and the Belvederes
  • KiasuCelia Mancini
  • Go AwayDestiny 3000
  • The Bisexual BoogieYo La Tengo
  • Silver Paper to a Magpie's EyeThe Cake Kitchen
  • Sitting on her whiskersStrapping Fieldhands
  • These ThingsFlying Saucer Attack
  • Speed DialFurtips
  • Stairway to HeavenKing Loser

About this program

Outsiders, The Avant-Garde, Noise, Experimental, Folk, Jazz, Pop music. Underground and other suppressed and forgotten sounds from all over the world. Music is everywhere. From the past to the future. From Brunswick to Burma. From innovators AND idiots… It's midnight.

Tomorrow has arrived.

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