Neon Sunset
Listen to Neon Sunset – 12 February 202202:00:0012 February 2022
Playlist for Neon Sunset – 12 February 2022
  • Brother's Gonna Work It OutKarate Boogaloo
  • WorkinonitJ Dilla
  • Shame On A …Wu-Tang Clan
  • Different StrokesSyl Johnson
  • Is It Because I’m BlackSyl Johnson
  • Wind Blow Her Back My WaySyl Johnson
  • Strange Is LoveThe Marquis
  • WhiplashThe Shells
  • The Little BirdJohnny Kongos & The G-M
  • SunflowerSt John’s Wood Sunflower
  • Uptown (To Harlem)The Chambers Brothers
  • Politician ManBetty Davis
  • They Say I'm DifferentBetty Davis
  • I Will Take That RideBetty Davis
  • Ansi Soit-ilLouis Chedid
  • Time Is TightCollage - SOS Dick Hyman
  • Bowie On The Beach Empat Lima
  • AmmoMOD CON
  • CountryGood Morning
  • The Woman Who Loves YouRuby Jones
  • Cattle and CaneThe Go-Betweens
  • Dystopium LiteGun Laws
  • Fast LoveC.O.F.F.I.N
  • Super Speedy ZIpper WhipperDr Sure’s Unusual Practice
  • Black Widow SpiderParquet Courts
  • In The HazeAgostino Soldati

About this program

Ramp ups and wind downs, bedroom jams and familiar sounds. Studio gems, memory joggers, carpet stickers and non genre-specifics. Sounds set for a sonic drift, spanning time and place.

Intro: S U R F I N G - Moonlight
Outro: Ooga Boogas - Neon Sunset (Mikey Young Remix)