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Sarah Kulken joins Aisha and chats about the history of Kerry Kulkens Magic Shop and her own journey with magic.

Playlist for Mystifying Melbourne – 26 February 2021
  • Holy WaterJune Jones
  • The Rock (and the Stars)Gregor
  • Dreams Of GalapagosHachiku
  • Pagan PoetryBjork
  • Witches LullabyDaemonia Nymphe
  • The CovenPeter Gundry
  • A KindChitra
  • Weaving the SummerSpiral Dance
  • Circle of joyLisa Lynne
  • Labyrinth of DreamsNox Arcana
  • Good SoulsLucinda Williams
  • Sunday- Live at Hamer hallCash Savage and the Last Drinks

About this program

A penchant for the weird and mysterious? Spooky and unusual? Tune in to Mystifying Melbourne, a show dedicated to exploring the more quirky and oft-overlooked aspects of Melbourne/VIC.