Playlist for Mixed Signals – 10 September 2018
  • HugsBauri
  • HightideBurnt Butter
  • Fuck CopsGuccigate
  • 24x33Bentonkurst and Palmboren II
  • Natalie NataliaAroma
  • Niagara FallsModo
  • A Lonely Space Program Who DocotorLady Blacktronika
  • Killer CharlieDelroy Edwards
  • Living on a Red (live)Los Perros
  • Control Over the SystemBergsonist
  • Pieces of a DreamCellophane
  • Find A LordLuke Eragoggle
  • Chicago Jim LPChicago Jim
  • Worm Never DiesJason Hogans
  • RevengeInnerShades
  • Detroit City at NightTerrence Dixon
  • Like I Am / Comme Je SuisUnovidual & Tara Cross
  • Technology is GarbageLost Soul Enterprise
  • I Have Seen Other WorldsLegowelt
  • We R Tuesday NightsMike Dunn
  • No More Fears (Box Edit)Hieroglyphic Being
  • Dream 1Annette
  • Black NapoleonFunk Logic
  • There From King HeroinThe JBs
  • EmulsionThursday Mornings
  • CrossroadsAttraka
  • TombBINDR

About this program

A melting pot of music, artists and ideas. Presented by your friendly neighbourhood witch HNYMLK, after stirring up trouble all weekend. Features mixes, interviews, exclusive unreleased tracks and kick ons like no other.