Jas has a natter with Bones and Jones about the new record.

Playlist for Local and/or General – 29 July 2019
  • OMGSampa The Great
  • Make Things RightSpod
  • Big Art MuseumJune Jones
  • Around and DownCool Sounds
  • A Lonesome Cowboy, A Lost LoveAxel Carrington
  • Who's My Eugene?Tropical Fuck Storm
  • UnetiquettedExek
  • California WayTram Cops
  • Just Like MeWaterfall Person
  • Lizard BrainCayn Borthwick
  • DaffrobeatDave
  • Bizzo and TophatTerry
  • You Don't Say Shit RightG2G
  • DogCLAMM
  • Being CoolCereal Killer
  • Perfect Place (Bell Towers remix)Sui Zhen
  • Night DriveRebel Yell
  • Pmara NurnakaNtaria Connect
  • Always RememberDRMNGNOW
  • You Know How to Make Me HappyHTRK
  • Baggy FrownBones And Jones
  • ReubenGalaxy Hop
  • WildflowersJess Ribeiro
  • Get Out of Your HeadJade Imagine
  • RearviewGena Rose Bruce

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