Playlist for Local and/or General – 8 April 2019
  • Ladies PoolLucy Cliché
  • Morning SongBabe Rainbow
  • Strange NewsSweet Whirl
  • Aspiring To Be A BlokePossible Humans
  • Still Commit CrimesGood Morning
  • No DifferenceJess Cornelius
  • How Long Does It Take?Mildlife
  • TrialsSquaring Circles
  • خونمونkaryme
  • Open MeRoza Terenzi
  • TimeStevan
  • WUTDGenesis Owusu
  • Hands-FreeDemon Days
  • Catapult (ft Laneous)Clever Austin
  • Whole Lotta ShineTiana Khasi
  • Mal Mi GoaGordon Koang
  • Home N' Away3K x Agung Mango
  • SickdawgVulture Street Tape Gang
  • Young Girl SteezHoodzy
  • GuaranteeGamirez
  • DogCLAMM
  • Mr BlameThe UV Race
  • Pack AnimalsCash Savage & The Last Drinks
  • Blood On My EyesAngie
  • DylanJess Ribeiro
  • The GateCollarbones
  • Alligator TailYi-Lynn

About this program

Quality, new Australian and NZ music program focusing on local emerging artists, with interviews, live in-studio performances and regular guests.

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