Playlist for Local and/or General – 15 October 2018
  • Girls on The TVLaura Jean
  • B 'n DConnan Mockassin
  • Jewels Aren't Just LumpsAlyx Dennison
  • Boys Think U Look PHRESH!Yergurl
  • BugsGregor
  • Hot AirCyanide Thornton
  • What's It All For NowWay Dynamic
  • CassandraCool Sounds
  • The WhipTerry
  • RefluxLoose Fit
  • It's Real WildNew War
  • Who's BadKirkis
  • True EgoLucy Cliché
  • Looking For TroubleMall Grab
  • CopernicusJulien Dyne
  • AmethystHarvey Sutherland feat. Nubya Garcia
  • Pieces (James Wright Trio remix)Horatio Luna
  • MardilloGrace Barbé
  • SantoriniDonny Benét
  • Shut your mouthMo'Ju
  • Ball Is LifeYSB
  • Mulunda (Kingfisher)Gawurra
  • Shallow SleepLow Flung

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