Local And/Or General
Playlist for Local and/or General – 6 February 2023
  • Upon Reflection (Traffik Island remix)Eggy
  • Perfect ClientCable Ties
  • Loves Bites AllBlonde Revolver
  • UncontrolSex Drive
  • Gold DuckTerry
  • Saltwater PeopleCharlie Needs Braces
  • Decorated Boy ScoutSpice World
  • Feminine TouchSmooch
  • Me and MineFreya Josephine Hollick
  • Rosetta RockLehmann B. Smith
  • My WitchJen Cloher
  • Lessons LearntFloodlights
  • My LimitsHuntly
  • DaydreamBaby Cool
  • Destroy MyselfGena Rose Bruce
  • PURGATORYTeether & Kuya Neil
  • Rolling LoudYoungn Lipz & Hooligan Hefs
  • Cardio! (prod.SOLLYY)1300
  • ImmunityKuzco
  • Devil's GameVanessa Worm
  • My Choice (Edit)Logic1000
  • Swampy NationRiver Yarra
  • Turbo CalcStrict Face
  • AtmospheresWTP
  • Pash RashSurprise Chef
  • LoseLachlan Denton
  • OrdinarySummer Flake
  • The Crab / WaterbabyTiny Ruins
  • DucksHana Stretton

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