Local And/Or General
Playlist for Local and/or General – 12 July 2021
  • FlooredDelivery
  • Guided By AngelsAmyl & The Sniffers
  • Red RubyBlonde Revolver
  • G.A.F.F.Tropical Fuck Storm
  • All Time LowBrickhead
  • Temporary SolutionThe Vovos
  • As The World Looks DownBored Shorts
  • TagThe Goon Sax
  • Better Than BeforeThe Stroppies
  • For As Long As I Can Remember (feat. Jonnine)Geoffrey O'Connor
  • Shark AttackHachiku
  • Struggle StreetDag
  • Rae StreetCourtney Barnett
  • Our Country, Our LifeKoori Mob
  • King BrownBarkaa
  • Mijo RicoJalmar
  • Hold Fast To The VoidThe Seven Ups
  • R U My LoveParvyn
  • Out The DoorEmma Donavan & The Putbacks
  • And We Go GentleHiatus Kaiyote
  • Drinking From The Cup Of Bob KnobSurprise Chef
  • PeaceThe Rookies
  • NoseOn-Ly
  • New EstateLaughing Gear
  • 2 In 63Proto Moro
  • Ode To A RoseOscar Key Sung

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