Local And/Or General

Cool Sounds phone in to have a natter about their new EP.

Playlist for Local and/or General – 27 July 2020
  • The NorthVintage Crop
  • Butter ft Don GlorijonQuil
  • VapourMildlife
  • Fuck The System ft. ThampsonHoratio Luna
  • ZvezdyLex Deluxe
  • 2am ok wid Udj pgz
  • Matooke Shatta feat DJ Jark (official remix)SK Simeon
  • SleepersCool Sounds
  • Upside DownCool Sounds
  • Talk To MeElsie Lange
  • DramaThibault
  • ImpasseEsther Neptune
  • Pins N NeedlesObscura Hail
  • Matter of TimeFloodlights
  • DarknessKatie Dey
  • TimeSetwun
  • AidaAusecuma Beats
  • Keleh (River Yarra's Situationist Rework)Ausecuma Beats
  • I Flip My Life Every Time I FlySnooch Dodd & The Pro-Teens
  • South SudanGordon Koang
  • Club XProto Moro
  • KabasamaiMusic Yared
  • ContemplationKučka

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