Playlist for LiveWire – 16 March 2019
  • Egg ManBeastie Boys
  • CaseyDover Island
  • 17Dover Island
  • excerpt from memoir 'Girl In A Band'Kim Gordon
  • What We Know (live)Sonic Youth
  • Never Said (live)Liz Phair
  • Head On (live)The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Suicide Child (live)The Nuns
  • Everybody Moves (live)Died Pretty
  • Fangin' ItUndecided By Default
  • Whole Lotta RosieBored!
  • In A Big Country (live)Big Country
  • The Magnificent Moon Mildlife
  • A Little Less ConversationElvis Presley

About this program

From debut releases to dinosaurs resurrected and everything in between. Live performances; past, present and future. Playing the hits you may no longer miss, upcoming gigs and recent arrivals in rock n roll heaven, plus MORE!