Playlist for LiveWire – 8 December 2018
  • Livewire (live)AC/DC
  • SpidersUniversal Outcast
  • The PolicyGlitoris
  • bank robberpowerline sneakers
  • excerpt from 'Face the Music: A Life Exposed'Paul Stanley
  • Rip It Out (live)Chemical People
  • Hollywood FailurePalm Springs
  • Nite Klub (live)The Specials
  • Fast Cars (live)Buzzcocks
  • Autonomy (live)Buzzcocks
  • Homosapien (live)Buzzcocks
  • Telephone Operator (live)Buzzcocks
  • What Do I Get? (live)Buzzcocks
  • Orgasm Addict (live)Buzzcocks
  • Harmony In My Head (live)Buzzcocks
  • Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) (live)Buzzcocks
  • Too Much Junkie Business (live)Johnny Thunders
  • Whipping Post (live)Frank Zappa
  • Shades of StonesThe Ronson Hangup
  • Shot By Both Sides (live)Magazine

About this program

From debut releases to dinosaurs resurrected and everything in between. Live performances; past, present and future. Playing the hits you may no longer miss, upcoming gigs and recent arrivals in rock n roll heaven, plus MORE!