Playlist for LiveWire – 20 October 2018
  • Livewire (Live)AC/DC
  • Get In The BootNew War
  • Girlfriend is Better (Live) Talking Heads
  • excerpt from 'Face the Music: A Life Exposed'Paul Stanley
  • I Love It LoudKvikksølvguttene
  • Rip This Joint (live)The Rolling Stones
  • Help Me Mary (live)Liz Phair
  • Disco Pink Lady Lemonade (live)Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. with PIKA
  • Hallelujah (live)Happy Mondays
  • Kinky Afro (live)Happy Mondays
  • Loose Fit (live)Happy Mondays
  • Step On (live)Happy Mondays
  • 24 Hour Party People (live)Happy Mondays
  • TractorLittle Ugly Girls
  • Back In the USA (live)Chuck Berry, Robert Cray, Keith Richards & Linda Ronstadt
  • Rock n Roll RecordsSupersuckers
  • blue sky daydied pretty

About this program

From debut releases to dinosaurs resurrected and everything in between. Live performances; past, present and future. Playing the hits you may no longer miss, upcoming gigs and recent arrivals in rock n roll heaven, plus MORE!