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Playlist for LiveWire – 2 December 2023
  • Livewire (Live)AC/DC
  • Pseudo AddictGreen Blanket
  • TOO MANY REDS ft Will GrillaTasman Keith
  • The Barking Owl BluesBlake County & the Modern Proletariats
  • I've Gone HillsongTISM
  • excerpt from audiobook 'They Call Me Supermensch'shep gordon
  • i'll bite your face off (live)alice cooper
  • the boy who lost his jocks on flinders st. stationpainters and dockers
  • Uh ohGut Health
  • the broad majestic shannon (live)the pogues
  • Streams Of Whiskey (live)The Pogues
  • If I Should Fall From Grace With God (live)The Pogues
  • yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (live)the pogues
  • turkish song of the damned (live)the pogues
  • fiesta (live)the pogues
  • sally maclennane (live)the pogues
  • dirty old town (live)the pogues
  • The Irish Rover (live)The Pogues
  • no friend of mine (live)brat farrar
  • Thoughts Back (Live at RRR)Cable Ties
  • California Über AllesDEAD KENNEDYS
  • Holiday in CambodiaDead Kennedys

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