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Playlist for LiveWire – 10 July 2021
  • Livewire (Live)AC/DC
  • CompromiseThe Vovos
  • BelieverDyson Stringer Cloher
  • Year Of The SpiderShannon and the Clams
  • interviewfoggy notion
  • I Don't CareFoggy Notion
  • excerpt from audiobook 'Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol'Steve Jones
  • satellitesex pistols
  • milkamana (live)king stingray
  • rapirri (live)king stingray
  • sweet arnhem land (live)king stingray
  • get me out (live)king stingray
  • Hey Wanhaka (live)King Stingray
  • lupa (live)king stingray
  • dolly dagger (live)jimi hendrix experience
  • Gone Shootin' (live)AC/DC
  • ShouldersTwerps

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