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Playlist for LiveWire – 25 July 2020
  • Livewire (Live)AC/DC
  • ReaderR.M.F.C
  • viva del santo! (live)southern culture on the skids
  • answered prayers (live)hoodoo gurus
  • interview with Dave FaulknerHoodoo Gurus
  • excerpt from audiobook 'Beastie Boys Book'Beastie Boys and friends
  • So What'cha Want?Beastie Boys
  • scarletthe rolling stones ft. Jimmy Page
  • CovenantHEXDEBT
  • i want you back (live)hoodoo gurus
  • the right time (live)hoodoo gurus
  • in the middle of the land (live)hoodoo gurus
  • leilani (live)hoodoo gurus
  • i was a kamikaze pilot (live)hoodoo gurus
  • 10 days in the tankshank of the night
  • boringdick lord

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