Live at RRR (2023) - Naomi Lee Beveridge
Listen to Live at RRR: Mildlife01:00:0019 April 2024

Playing a cosmic set of tracks from Chorus, their recent Triple R Album of the Week, Mildlife bring their psychedelic grooves back to the Performance Space - with added notes of Polish jazz, Italo disco, and modern electronic sounds. Hosted by John Bailey of Stolen Moments.

Playlist for Live at RRR: Mildlife
  • Chorus (Live at RRR)Mildlife
  • Yourself (Live at RRR)Mildlife
  • Return To Centaurus (Live at RRR)Mildlife
  • Vapour (Live at RRR)Mildlife
  • Musica (Live at RRR)Mildlife

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