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Mildlife's 'Chorus' is an exploration of cosmic groove and rhythmic communion. It weaves infectious '70s psychedelic sounds with elements of Polish jazz, Italo disco, and modern electronic music.

The title hints at the album's essence: a harmonious blend of voices and instruments, reflecting the band's collaborative spirit. Adam Halliwell's guitar, Kevin McDowell's vocals, Jim Rindfleish's percussion, and Tom Shanahan's basslines combine to create a vibrant mood that's cohesive and dynamic.

Mildlife's famous live improvisations are captured and refined in various songs, including the centrepiece 'Musica'. Lyrically and musically it draws on Halliwell's Italian heritage, becoming a personal meditation on culture and family turned into a celebration of energy and life.

Across the album, vintage synth textures and warm analogue sounds combine with organic percussion. The resulting songs are both earthy and cosmic, in tune with the band's interstellar fascinations and the cycles of nature they draw inspiration from. Their playful curiosity takes the band to new heights on 'Chorus', grounded always in the band's mastery of groove.

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