Live at RRR (2023) - Naomi Lee Beveridge
Listen to Live at RRR: R.M.F.C.49:2422 March 2024

R.M.F.C. delivers a blistering set on this edition of Live at RRR, hosted by Tim Scott of Teenage Hate!

Following the recent release of their Triple R Album of the Week Club Hits, the band brings their signature mix of garage rock energy, with infectious post-punk melodies, to the RRR Performance Space.

Playlist for Live at RRR: R.M.F.C.
  • Introduction (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Spectrum (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Source (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Feeder (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Reader (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Harmless Activity (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • The Web (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Two Stars (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Access (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • The Trap (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Hive (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Television (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.
  • Rock Tune (Live at RRR)R.M.F.C.

About this program

Live music and in-conversation events from the Triple R Performance Space to prime you for your weekend! Held in front of Triple R subscribers and broadcast to your radio and devices, on Friday nights from 7-8pm. Live At RRR is hosted by rotating Triple R announcers.

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