Presented by Lu Lin filling in for Didvid.s

Playlist for Leisure Link – 7 May 2019
  • ZorrowStavroz
  • SabbatRafael Castiglione
  • CinderHistory of Colour
  • SagittaGama
  • Pier De SerGama ft. Stella Ismene
  • Jungle Level (Original Mix)Peter Power
  • Over The Hold (Peter Power Remix)M.RUX & Peter Power
  • Mount SannineLobkowitz
  • SedateNinze
  • Theta WavesRapossa
  • InterfluidRiyoon
  • NivGeju
  • Tangled EyeM. RUX
  • Out Mutual Friend (feat. Xique-Xique)Coss, Iorie
  • Bad HabitsLYZZA
  • Gone with the PestZaliva-D
  • Casa CalmaRiyoon

About this program

From deep within the PO Box, the far reaches of SoundCloud and the blogs nobody's ever heard of, Leisure Link juices the disco orange, peels the house banana, purees the dance tomato and bakes the space cake. Each week features a selected musical serving from a rotating roster of guests including artists, closet DJs and other cultural pariahs.