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Moonshoe label head and all round musical genious, COUSIN dials in from Sydney for a chat and a 40 minute mix of all original, unreleased and forthcoming music.

Playlist for Full Circle – 26 May 2020
  • Bloom (Ft. Zosia Kossack)Cousin
  • Senile SpeakersView
  • Canoe TripUltramarine
  • More AirJustice
  • Brother In DetroitOmni Trio
  • Blue Planet (Abacus Remix)Chaser
  • Tabla RasaSven Van Hees
  • FernFreda & Jackson
  • Earthrot2020Setwun
  • SirpskGreville
  • Katoomba FallsMango
  • Restricted FlowOoze
  • unreleasedMidnight Tenderness
  • Sunray DubBabble

About this program

Full Circle transports the electronic underground to your late night airwaves – a weekly transmission of cerebral ambient selections and leftfield electronics, through to dance-floor ready bass and breaks. Expect diverse music for all occasions with Millú and a range of guests, sharing their own inspirations from near and far.