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Episode 50 presented by Lola Hewison

Playlist for Frantic Items – 12 March 2023
  • 光裂 (Light Burst)otay:onii
  • Fanali Dann BwaJako Maron
  • Over The StationsCenter
  • Mess Mend (Live in Leipzig)Horse Lords
  • WasteSnooper
  • NOLA FreestyleDean Blunt
  • BabyPurling Hiss
  • Summer's OverDennis Harte
  • Bienvenidos A NeuchatelDix Ferro
  • Ya Mahia (feat. Wael Alkak)Acid Arab
  • Dancing GhostsChris & Cosey
  • Benjamin BoreDatblygu
  • Poem 1Davey Datblygu's Policy Of Company
  • Y TeimladDatblygu
  • Casserole EfeilliaidDatblygu
  • Tears Me, Love MeFrance Sauvage
  • UK GrimSleaford Mods
  • The Oud ClubTasos Stamou
  • Clean Coal Is A Porous CondomAk'achamel, The Giver of Illness
  • Delhi's DogzEka Faune
  • What Makes A Man A ManCharles Aznavour
  • Goodnight JackieToe Head
  • Nothing's FreeAngel Olsen

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"Palm Springs" by Social Climbers