Brutal Realms Program Image
Playlist for Brutal Realms – 28 February 2023
  • Rubble HomePrimitive Man and Full of Hell
  • Formler for MotstandDodsvarg
  • Barefoot Ghost Dance on Blood Soaked SoilBlackbraid
  • Andromomeda 's WingThe Otolith
  • SuffocationKVLL
  • CHUDReligious Observance
  • DisgraceBurial Pit
  • ParasitesAglo
  • Beyond VisionAcid King
  • Coagulation of FormsUlthar
  • Vast and Infinite (Jesu Remix)Wake
  • SilverJesu
  • Ugly and Vengeful (Live at Montreux )Anna Von Hausswolff

About this program

Music that sounds like a dying sun collapsing upon itself, sending you on a voyage through space and time.