Brutal Realms Program Image
Playlist for Brutal Realms – 14 February 2023
  • A Song Before DyingMisery
  • SyzygyAlarum
  • EnslavementPsycroptic
  • Breaking PointHidden Intent
  • Moon DogsAbramelin
  • BurnBlack Rheno
  • Afterlife Insurance100 Year War
  • Long Necks and Dole Cheques12 Gauge Rampage
  • Rat QueenThe Neptune Power Federation
  • Harvest of the SkullsWerewolves
  • TiradesWretch
  • All Along the Frankston LineNembutoliK
  • Death by Garlic BreadPizza Death
  • Fetal AbductionCarnal Viscera
  • King TidePod People
  • Running BlindFlaming Wreckage
  • Death AbroadWomb Tomb
  • Like DeathRemains
  • Goat ShamenGoat Shamen
  • Manic AnimalsLucifungus
  • Victims of HateLaceration Mantra

About this program

Music that sounds like a dying sun collapsing upon itself, sending you on a voyage through space and time.