Brutal Realms Program Image
Playlist for Brutal Realms – 20 December 2022
  • Grimace_smoking_weed.jpegChat Pile
  • Lords of GrindRemains
  • Infinite InwardsWake
  • CocaineSundowner
  • Rantai PenjinakKilat
  • Horror From SpaceAstrofuzz
  • From the Bastion to the PitFaceless Burial
  • Lambs to the NooseWretch
  • NazariteThe Lord and David Pajo
  • Imposter SyndromeDead Cross
  • Evil's IncubationHulder
  • Psychic LacerationUniversally Estranged
  • SuffocationKVLL
  • GriftwoodGhost
  • Weeping on the MornNeptune Power Federation
  • MountainHydranaut
  • Lines In The SandChoof
  • Rise from the GraveUndeath
  • UnrecognisableWormrot
  • This Christmas (Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell)Dr Colossus

About this program

Music that sounds like a dying sun collapsing upon itself, sending you on a voyage through space and time.