An episode of Breaking And Entering on 17 January 2019, presented by Chas Miller

Playlist for Breaking And Entering – 17 January 2019
  • Crystal2000 and One
  • Audio Track 10Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt
  • TokenPanda Bear
  • Night VisionHooper Crescent
  • SatelliteFleeting Joys
  • Saccharine SunshineFroth
  • OutsideKero Kero Bonito
  • Not The TimeSASAMI
  • Holding OnTirzah
  • JealousySasami
  • Carpenter's DaughterHand Habits
  • "errors of skin"LUCRECIA DALT
  • ChoirPerfume Genius
  • ChaitiusJulia Holter
  • Double Body (feat. Yoshi Wada and Friends)Tashi Wada
  • Hitch A RideDina Maccabee
  • Spectral​/​Impulse (Sarah Belle Reid)Ctrl-Z
  • ColligereJulia Holter
  • WhetherJulia Holter
  • Rachel's SongVangelis
  • Palden RangjungChoying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts
  • Star Red (New Mix)Nakhane
  • VancouverMartyn
  • Les be HonestConnan Mockasin
  • Jassbusters (Leaked)Connan Mockasin
  • B'ndConnan Mockasin
  • Quips and CranksC. Cordio & F. Vinciguerra
  • IDDDChynna
  • MFKZTBuy Muy Drugs
  • Daxamite (feat. Kashmere)Bambooman
  • Bugs LifeTierra Whack
  • SchaxChillera

About this program

Like a trend forecasting futurist from the land of tomorrow, Breaking And Entering is entirely focused on the new and the next. Current and upcoming releases from a broad range of genres are played, analysed and reviewed, with live performances and studio interviews forming part of the mix.

Program theme music: "The Villain" by Lieutenant Pigeon.