Playlist for Breaking And Entering – 3 January 2019
  • GrapefruitFia Fiell
  • Heraldic SnippetsMilan W
  • Les ZimonySpectral Park & Kot Kot
  • OneulTengger
  • A Moments SeamMagnog
  • Boogie DownMinami Deutsch
  • Vermont GirlJoan Of Arc
  • TorchedLoop
  • Deep Blue CheatedDeaf Wish
  • True Love SongNext Year's Love
  • Les livres brûlésBégayer
  • Excuses Start to ThawMope City
  • Baby BlueFishmans
  • Late Train (Idjut Boys Naughty Wrong'un)Paqua
  • I Don't CarePark Hye Jin
  • Dark Times (Roska Remix)Tickles
  • Come 2018 (ft. David GotSound)Ahadadream
  • Air BubbleScratcha DVA
  • AberturaRS Producoes
  • Que No Salga La LunaRosalia
  • Filter DubSeefeel
  • Centuries LaterDaze
  • ClearHype Killers
  • RosesAbra
  • InlightCaroline Letho
  • Instrument Of ChangeRandom Noise Generation
  • Guest MixDJ Emerald

About this program

Like a trend forecasting futurist from the land of tomorrow, Breaking And Entering is entirely focused on the new and the next. Current and upcoming releases from a broad range of genres are played, analysed and reviewed, with live performances and studio interviews forming part of the mix.

Program theme music: "The Villain" by Lieutenant Pigeon.