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Listen to Breaking And Entering – 5 October 202303:00:005 October 2023
Playlist for Breaking And Entering – 5 October 2023
  • song for dancingbodies of divine infinite and eternal spirit
  • CorridorU Bend
  • Nightshift (Mikey Young Remix)Drain Brugs
  • I'll Be Your StarLael Neale
  • MayDevendra Banhart
  • It's Not EasyRVG
  • SquidRVG
  • Brain WormsRVG
  • JelsyBar Italia
  • QuestDas Komplex
  • Precious bloomMoonlight Beams
  • This World Couldn't See Us (Audiotree Far Out)Nabihah Iqbal
  • 2003Loraine James
  • Endless RiverOK EG
  • Locrian MidwestOneohtrix Point Never
  • HoneyPACKS
  • Lava RainSliced Diamonds
  • Back to the FoldoutLower Plenty
  • Girls in Our TownMargret RoadKnight
  • Cowboy In The CityMOUTH TOOTH
  • A Running StartSufjan Stevens
  • My Love Mine All MineMitski
  • Watch My Mum DanceMindy Meng Wang 王萌, Sui Zhen
  • Last WordsNO ZU
  • TestingLonnie Holley

About this program

Like a trend forecasting futurist from the land of tomorrow, Breaking And Entering is entirely focused on the new and the next. Current and upcoming releases from a broad range of genres are played, analysed and reviewed, with live performances and studio interviews forming part of the mix.

Program theme music: "The Villain" by Lieutenant Pigeon.