Listen to Pezzullo's politicking, Marc Fennell on House of Skulls, and disability in the arts49:262 October 2023

Dylan is joined by Bernard Keane, politics editor at Crikey, who gets into the fallout following Nine newspapers' reporting of Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo's alleged efforts to influence Liberal Party politics.

Journalist Marc Fennell chats about his new documentary podcast series House of Skulls, which uncovers the secrets behind the mysterious Morton Cranial Collection in Penn Museum in Philadelphia.

Plus, Carly Findlay, disability advocate and Access Advisor at Melbourne Fringe, discusses Fringe’s Radical Access project, which aims to increase access and inclusion for d/Deaf and Disabled artists across the independent arts sector.

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Regular guests and segments include: urban planning and history with Assoc/Prof David Nichols; Cam Walker's eco-update; Guardian Australia reporter Benita Kolovos on Victorian state politics; Jeff Sparrow on politics, society, and everything in between; freedom of information correspondent Petra Stock, and live music.

Program theme: Hugh Masekala's Grazing in the Grass

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