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Rawah Arja and All the Best

Author of new young adult novel  'The F Team' Rawah Arja; and a piece from “All the Best’ about healing the brain. With presenter Beth AQ.

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Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/theglasshouse.rrr/


James Parker and Joel Stern

Liquid Architecture's 'Machine Listening: A Curriculum' is a new investigation and experiment in collective learning instigated by artist Sean Dockray, legal scholar James Parker and curator Joel Stern for Liquid Architecture. James and…


Christopher Raja and Beauty Is Political

Christopher Raja discusses his memoir Into The Suburbs: A Migrant’s Story; and Maxine & Talia, the team behind the Beauty Is Political podcast, talk about creating their podcast.  With presenter Beth AQ. https://www.rrr.org.au/explore/programs/the-glasshouse…


National Young Writers Festival

Mike Kennedy, Co-Director of the National Young Writers Festival, talks about what to expect in its upcoming program. With presenter Beth AQ.


Lori Uden and Ruby-Rose Pivot-Marsh

Podcast producer Lori Uden discusses her involvement in the podcast 'The Collection'; and Emerging Writers Festival Artistic Director Ruby-Rose Pivot-Marsh talks about its new initiative of at-home residences. With presenter Beth AQ.


Rebecca Jessen and Sumarlinah Winoto

Rebecca Jessen is on to talk about her new release 'Ask Me About The Future' and Sumarlinah Winoto is on to chat about their podcast 'Transomatics' with Beth AQ


Rachel Ang and Hayden Moon

Comic artist Rachel Ang discusses her most recent work Yellow in the Blue; and Hayden Moon chats about their Archer Magazine piece 'Transgender inclusion in dance: Paving the way in Irish Dancing.' With…


Mirandi Riwoe & Braided podcast

 Mirandi Riwoe chats about her novel Stone Sky Gold Mountain; and Braided podcasts hosts Matisse Laida and Agum Maluach talk about Season 2. With presenter Beth AQ.


Aretha Brown and Sacreana and Dr Jeanine Leane

 Contributors and editors of “Bold Source” a youth led publication through the Brimbank community, chat about the aims of the publication; and Dr Jeanine Leane, editor of Guwayu - For All Times: A


Melbourne Spoken Word Fest; and Educating Kids on Voting

Bennie Solah, Director of Melbourne Spoken Word, talks about what to expect at this year's spoken word & poetry festival; and author and electoral educator Krys Saclier chats about her book 'Vote For…

About this program

The Glasshouse is a space for spoken word artists, poets, sound makers, audio storytellers, emerging cultural leaders, thinkers, writers and anyone who celebrates story as a means of self-expression, self-representation and community-building.

Witness the growth and renewal of our stories and histories, and reflect on how our stories are told and who they’re told by.