Listen to Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Queer Screen Culture Digital Magazine Sissy Screens41:4415 November 2021

Flick Ford and Cerise Howard are joined by Melbourne Queer Film Festival Program Director Spiro Economopoulos for a chat about this year's event. Cerise and Spiro pick out some of their festival highlights, discussing FINLANDIA (Horacio Alcalá, 2021), INSTRUCTIONS FOR SURVIVAL (Yana Ugrekhelidze, 2021), THE HILL WHERE LIONESSES ROAR (Luàna Bajrami, 2021), THE NOWHERE INN (Bill Benz, 2020), and FANNY: THE RIGHT TO ROCK (Bobbi Jo Hart, 2021). Finally, Flick and Cerise chat with Tali Polichtuk, the co-founder and editor of queer screen culture digital magazine Sissy Screens.


About this program

Primal Screen is a show about movies, from the ones on the big screen to the ones you stream. A mix of new release and retrospective film reviews, and occasional interviews with film practitioners. Presented by Paul Anthony Nelson and Flick Ford with regular guest critics. 

Co-producer and panel operator: Karl Chapman
Podcast editor: Maudie Osborne


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