Listen to Greening the Apocalypse - 27 March 201838:5427 March 2018

Alanta Colley chats all things bees with Bushy, Adam and Jed ahead of her Comedy Festival show "Days Of Our Hives". Colley is public health practitioner, comedian and co-founder of Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate held at the Spotted Mallard. She has performed for the Gates Foundation, Adelaide's Science Exchange and is a regular at Political Asylum and the Laboratory. By day she teaches engineering students about international development, by night she tells jokes about bees to confused crowds.

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There is a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in. Each week the Greening the Apocalypse team talk to the tinkerers and thinkerers, the freaks and geeks from permaculturists and eco-farmers to alt-tech innovators and peer-to-peer information networkers who are growing fascinating new systems through the fault lines of the old.

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