Listen to Carbon credits 'scam'; Jeff Sparrow on Gaza; Shocking, Heartbreaking, Transformative + more01:33:148 April 2024

Dylan is joined by Andrew Macintosh, Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at ANU, who discusses his research into the integrity of Australia’s carbon credit scheme, which formed the basis of an article in The Saturday Paper The Great Carbon Offset Scam. (0:57)

Jeff Sparrow, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne, shares his analysis on the recent killing of a number of humanitarian workers in Gaza by the IDF, the response from the Australian and United States governments, and the public outcry in response to the latest wave of violence. (19:20)

Artist and audio producer Jess Shane discusses Shocking, Heartbreaking,Transformative - her new podcast out through Radiotopia that subverts the documentary format to analyse the ethics of nonfiction storytelling and the exploitation of people’s real stories. (34:25)

Plus, comedian Urvi Majumdar drops by to explore the personal experiences that inspired her new show ‘Burnt for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the craft of constructing a comedy show. (1:00:17)

And finally, Melbourne musician Maxine Gillon visits to chat about their new single ‘Lipstick’ and current residency at The Old Bar in Melbourne. (1:12:45)

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