Listen to Underpants in the soil, the first true millipede, and deeptech innovations55:5319 December 2021

It's the last 'Einstein' for 2021, with the whole team on board! Dr Stacey compels us to become citizen scientists by sharing a study where, in a quest to measure microorganisms in the soil, scientists sent volunteers white, cotton underwear to bury in their gardens; Dr. Ailie is excited about flying helicopters on Mars; Dr. Jen regales us with the discovery of the first true millipede in Australia; Dr. Lauren chats about animal cognition and how we know what dogs are thinking; Dr. Laura stays on the dog theme as she teaches us about the role dogs (and bees) have in detecting COVID-19 cases; Dr. Euan brings us back to poo - specifically whale poo; Dr. Ray gives us the latest discoveries from homegrown deeptech companies; Dr. Linden looks at the intergenerational inequities in exposure to climate change; Chris KP takes us on an exploration into the Sun's atmosphere; and the team says goodbye to Dr. Krystal as she heads overseas to begin the next phase of her science adventures. With presenters Dr. Shane, Dr. Linden, Dr. Stacey, Dr. Krystal, Dr. Jen, Dr. Lauren, Dr. Laura, Dr. Euan, Dr. Ailie, Dr. Ray, Dr. Gracie, and Chris KP.

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