Listen to RMIT Researchers Special43:269 November 2020

In science news, the team explore the diabolical beetle, body temperatures; and developing augmented reality for space. They chat to RMIT researchers Associate Professor Kate Fox about being a Superstar of STEM; PhD student Imran Moez Khan talks about his research into using data from a smartphone to locate how close users are to their cars in order to enable/disable access functionality; electronics research student Le-May Vu talks about her research into nano piezoelectric materials; Rebecca Taube, PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering, explains her research into looking into Autonomous vehicle sensors; Sina Milani talks about his examination of sliding vehicles; Iresha Ranaraja talks about the employability of engineering students; and Ravi Shekhar talks about the development of smart-bandage material using light therapy. With presenters Dr. Shane, Dr. Ray, Dr. Laura, Dr. Anu.
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