Listen to Monuments, Lyrebirds, and Ig Nobles43:2923 September 2020

Dr Jayne Rantall from La Trobe University talks about monuments and memorials built as symbols of reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and settlers; Alex Maisey, also from La Trobe, discusses leading a new study into the activities of wild superb lyrebirds; and in science news, the team discuss phosphene gas detected in the Venus atmosphere, debunking science in the film 'The Day After Tomorrow', new findings in USA east coast gulf stream, and the link between antibiotics and the Floridian Wood Rat. Plus: an Ig Nobel Prize discussion involving cubed poo from wombats, vibrating earthworms with subwoofers, and entomologists unafraid of insects but afraid of spiders. With presenters Dr Shane, Dr Lauren, Dr Chrystal, Dr Linden.

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