Listen to Jocelyn Bell; and 20 PhDs55:0412 August 2020

Jocelyn Bell; and 20 PhDs
Astrophysicist and discoverer of the first radio pulsars in 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, joins Dr. Shane; and it's another 20 PhDs special, with the following PhD candidates talking to Shane about the where, what, why of their studies:
Amy Coe, University of Melbourne: Ceasing anti-depressants
Nilakhi Poddar, The University of Melbourne: Arsenic biosensor 
James Rule, Monash University/Museums Victoria: fossilised seals
Jacinta Humphrey, La Trobe University: urban bird communities.
Emily Ramage, University of Newcastle: co designed health interventions for stroke survivors
Eleonora Comeo, University of Nottingham and Monash University: fluorescent molecules
Hamdi Jama, Monash University: The connection of dietary fibre to heart disease
Yara Toenders, Orygen (Centre for Youth Mental Health) & University of Melbourne: Depression
Zoe Jenkins, Swinburne University of Technology and St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne: Cardio vascular & anorexia
Shammi Akter Ferdousi, Deakin University: Non flammable batteries
Cassie Hatzipantelis, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Anti psychotics
Long Nguyen, The University of Melbourne: Enhanced wound healing.
Kate senior, The University of Melbourne: Better managed fire prone landscapes
Wessel Burger, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Improving clinical translation of drugs
Eveline Mu, Swinburne University: Facial emotion processing in individuals with low and high autistic tendencies
Simone Stevenson, Deakin University: Metrics of biodiversity loss
Michelle Clark, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research: new treatments for Leishmaniasis
Claire Young, Deakin University: Treating depression with diet change
Mehri Barabadi, Hudson institute of medical science, treating Multiple sclerosis using cells from the placenta 
Samantha Davis, Peter DOherty Institute for Infection and Immunity: new HIV therapies
Maria Petraki, Hudson Institute: Biomarkers to monitor ovarian cancer
Ettore Camerlenghi, Monash University: What a society looks like for birds

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