Radiothon 2021 - on now

Radiothon is on now!

Radiothon 2021 - on now

Radiothon is on now!

Listen to Einstein A Go Go - 19th July 2020 - World Brain Day - Malaria - David Greybeard Art50:5719 July 2020

In the studio this week are Drs Laura, Krystal, Anu and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:

Competitive eating and changes in physiology, Mitochondrial genome editing, and the UAE sending a probe to Mars and comets.

Today's First Guest is Tissa Wijeratne, Assoc. Prof. from La Trobe University who talks about World Brain Day and Parkinson's Disease.

To register for the WBD 2020 webinar - click here.

Today's Second Guest is Coralie Boulet, PhD student from La Trobe University who talks about anti-malarial drugs and changing our own cells and working as a PhD during Covid lockdown.

Coralie also won one of the best '3 minute theses' at her University for 2020.

Today's Third Guest is Lisa Roet who (tried to) talk of the 'David Greybeard' sculpture project she started with Jane Goodall.

... and some more News:

The kinds of films you watch during these times helps you cope, and predicting earthquakes and slow earthquakes.

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