Radiothon 2021 - on now

Radiothon is on now!

Radiothon 2021 - on now

Radiothon is on now!

Listen to Einstein A Go Go 8th December 201949:578 December 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Euan, Linden and Shane and KrisKP who are talking to 20 (or 22) PhD students in the studio about their work:

Group 1:

Akhil from RMIT - implants;

Steph from Monash - sustainable hospital food systems;

Catriona from Peter Doherty - hipster immune cells;

Lauren from Swinburne - dietary research;

Maddy from Hudson Institute - salmonella infection host cell death pathways;

Lauren from Monash - public healt researcher;

Nicole from Doherty Institute - secretion systems during infections;

Group 2:

Ellen from Hudson Institute - epigenetic marks in eggs;

Laura from Florey Institute - music training and protecting congnitive function;

Jenn from Western Sydney Uni - how do lactation support specialists do what they do;

Nahwal (?) from ? - skin to skin contact;

Dinah from La Trobe Uni - age related changes and congnitive processing;

Enke from Hudson Institute - automation in cell therapy manufacturing;

Cameron from Murdoch Research Institute - mitochondrial disease research;

Group 3:

Samantha from Monash - how drugs can be designed following a heart attack;

Jordan from La Trobe - what the immune system has to do with high bloody pressure;

Stephany from La Trobe - bacterial infection in dogs and bacteriaphages;

Vivian from La Trobe - vascular disfunction in metabolic syndrome;

Elena from Monash - inflamatory arthritis treatment;

Anandita from Monash - rock fractures;

Kimberley from Melbourne Uni - atmospheric rivers;

Devolina from RMIT - vaccines in chickens.

The team then dug further into both Kimberley and Stephany's research.


Traffic jams and ants, Cimon 2 on the space station and breeding mice with hyperlong telomeres.

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