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‘Fluid Motion’ is the third album from Melbourne’s 30/70. It's an extension and evolution of their sound, fusing various forms of jazz, funk, club, hip hop, dub and dance. 2019 has been a been busy year for the group, with various world tours and a long stay in London. Three members of the band were also featured on the recent Brownswood compilation 'Sunny Side Up', representing a new generation of jazz makers out of Melbourne. The entire crew are strong ambassadors for local music, each helping to bridge traditional modes of soul with bold new expressions. From the energetic house tempos of the title track, through to the elevated boom-bap of 'Addicted', the broken beat brilliance of 'Impermanence', and the soaring saxophone-led 'Flowers' that concludes the album, 'Fluid Motion' is a non-stop showcase of talent and imagination.

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30 70 - Fluid Motion

Fluid Motion