Triple R Website Admin Documentation

Style Guide (WIP)

6 August 2018


Unless its a proper noun, (name, place, show name, etc) headlines should be lowercase. There shouldn’t be a full stop, bolding or italics in a headline either. All headlines should be a second-level heading, check out the formatting demonstration for instructions on how to do this.


  • Album names
  • Radio show names
  • Book/publication names
  • Plays/theatre production names
  • Film titles

Single Quotes ‘_____’

  • EPs
  • Songs
  • Nicknames
  • Segment names

Station Name

Triple R can be referred to in the following ways:

  • RRR
  • 3RRR
  • 3RRRFM
  • Triple R

Writing Dates

For general use, use this formatting: 10 May 2018.