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Sponsorship and promotions - Promotional campaigns

Triple R - Sponsorship & Promotions

Triple R is one of Australia's most distinctive media voices. We are an independent Melbourne radio station with an extremely loyal audience, including approx 14,000 individual subscribers.

The station broadcasts live to over 440,000 Melbourne listeners per week on 102.7FM and 3RRR Digital (Source: McNair Ingenuity 2011).

The Triple R website, rrr.org.au, records an average of more than 200,000 page-views and 73,000 visits per month. The award winning 3RRR Radio On Demand service averages over 61,000 page-views per month, while the station averages over 80,000 hours of listening per month via the online live stream and over 20,000 hours of listening per month to Triple R podcasts.

Triple R’s weekly eNews newsletter has a circulation of more than 22,000, the tri-annual subscriber magazine, The Trip, has a circulation of 16,000, over 40,000 follow the station on Facebook, 57,000+ follow on Twitter and 20,000+ follow us on Instagram with these numbers growing rapidly.

Promotion on Triple R offers a unique opportunity to reach our attentive, socially aware, and culturally active listeners who are receptive to information regarding events, products and services in the Melbourne and Victorian communities.

Triple R offers a range of promotional opportunities that can be tailored to suit the requirements of individual clients and campaigns including:

  • general on-air promotional campaigns;
  • subscriber movie screenings;
  • Triple R ‘Presents' packages;
  • competitions & giveaways;
  • program & segment sponsorship;
  • festivals & special events;
  • outside broadcasts;
  • live-to-airs;
  • arts & cultural partnerships;
  • web profile;
  • signage;
  • subscriber drive promotions;
  • community campaigns;
  • campaigns for independent bands and artists;
  • special introduction campaign;
  • the Trip subscriber magazine.

Many listeners tune in to Triple R because it’s a community based non-commercial radio station. As such we’ve developed a style of promotional sponsorship announcements which are entertaining and informative – without the hard sell.

Copywriting and all audio production is included in our spot rates.

For more information contact Triple R's Sponsorship & Promotions staff.

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Click above for the Triple R Media Kit -including on-air campaign and web advertising rates.

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