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Programs - Program guide - Sunday

Vital Bits

Saturday & Sunday 6am-9am

Radio Marinara

Sunday 9am-10am

For all things wet and salty.


Sunday 10am-11am

Explores the lighter, more eccentric side of medicine.

Einstein A Go-Go

Sunday 11am-12pm

Science made savvy and just a little bit sexy.

Eat It

Sunday 12pm-1pm

Gastronomic gushings on culinary consumptions.

Still Here

Sunday 1pm-2pm

JVG Radio Method

Sunday 2pm-4pm

A thematically driven music and magazine style oral presentation covering everything and nothing.

Strange Holiday

4pm Sunday

Under The Sun

Sunday 6pm-8pm

Musical colours and palettes peppered onto the radio canvas.

Where Yo Is

Sunday 8pm-10pm

Teenage Hate

Sunday 10pm - Monday 12am


Sunday 12am, Sunday 1am

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Einstein A Go-Go