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Uncommon Sense: The Sublime Songs of Trees

Stuck inside during the pandemic? Need to connect with nature? Listen to the wonderful David George Haskell as he dials in from Colorado to discuss his book, 'The Songs of Trees: Stories From Nature's Great Connectors.' David and host Amy Mullins, explore the unique songs and sounds that trees and forests around the world make, and what they reveal to us about biology and human culture.

David says, "...the cultures that have lived in close relationship with forests understand that humans cannot go it alone, that we belong within the community of life, not as outsiders." He is a Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of the South (USA).

Listen to David's awe-inspiring sound recordings of trees here.

David George Haskell
Listen to Uncommon Sense: The Sublime Songs of Trees38:1231 March 2020