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The Score: Digging into MUDRAT's music

Naarm-based artist, musician and rapper MUDRAT joins Samira Farah on The Score to talk about his new single ‘MUD’, upcoming performance at St Kilda Festival and his own artistic approach to music which is centred within collectivism and community connection.

“What is the point of music? What is the point of art? I know there is a point and I’ve had to just go through the sort of stages of reckoning that my goals of trying to be the biggest artist or whatever that was once was just not the case anymore.

Everything that is done artistically has to be done with some sort of community collectivist kind of care in it. So if I’m a voice for feelings and tropes that people might be feeling and cant express, that that’s kind of why I’m doing what I do.

…Music has always been vital to any sort of civil movement - and I’ve been trying to do my research and see how that’s played a role from civil rights movements to punk movements”.

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