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Radio Marinara: Sandy Winterbottom on 'The Two-Headed Whale'

Bron and Fam chat to environmentalist and author Sandy Winterbottom who dials in from Scotland to talk about her book, The Two-Headed Whale: Life, Loss and the Tangled Legacy of Whaling in the Antarctic. Sandy recounts her experience of her epic six-week journey from Uruguay to Antarctica, where during a mid-way stop in South Georgia, her image of the pristine Antarctic was shattered upon discovering the legacy of twentieth century industrial-scale whaling. Central to this story is also the discovery of the grave of an eighteen-year-old whaler from Edinburgh, Anthony Ford.

This conversation weaves together the threads of nature and travel writing, storytelling, memory, and our relationship with the past and future of this planet.

Listen to Radio Marinara: Sandy Winterbottom on 'The Two-Headed Whale'14:0326 November 2023