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Mooncake Guest Mix: Pamcy’s Philippines Playlist

Mooncake brings us Filipino electronic tunes this week with its second-ever guest mix, compiled by Manila-based electronic music producer Pamcy. Discover sounds from the likes of LUSTBASS, crwn, UDD and The Vince Noir Project. Pamcy also throws in one of her tracks from her upcoming EP Sauce Aisle. Each of the record's songs is named after an Asian condiment; this mix gives you a taste of “Oyster Sauce”. 

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Umami ft. Clara Benin - Asch
bbgirl ft. August Wahh & No Rome - B. P. Valen-zuela
Sailing ft. Clara Benin - crwn
Waiting for the Rainfall (Tarsius Remix) - Hannah and Gabi
Sigurado - UDD
Out of My Mind - Techy Romantics
White Rabbit - Nadine Lustre, Massiah
Wha' A Git - The Vince Noir Project
Deathless Gods - Tarsius
Oyster Sauce - Pamcy
Ilalim Ng Buwan (Under The Moonlight) - U-Pistol x Similarobjects

Pamcy Artist Photo
Listen to Mooncake Guest Mix: Pamcy’s Philippines Playlist32:454 March 2021