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Special Program

Mooncake Guest Mix: Strap In for SURANA In The Mix

SURANA is a producer, DJ, drummer and performs with Naarm's finest acts like Agung Mango, Elle Shimada and Miss Kaninna. As a DJ and producer transitioning to the realms of techno, in his Mooncake guest mix, blending minimal tech, electronic beats and sneaking in a couple unreleased originals.

Photo: Supplied

Socials: @surana.lp


DONT PLAY 132 - Toru Ikemoto
Crook - Cassius Select
Black Spray - Ryogo Yamamori
Last wish of a dying man - Fumiya Tanaka
Unreleased - SURANA
Blast Furnace - Mitaka Sound
Chiyas - Amotik
Cylinder - Wata Igarashi
Mind Alteration - Polygonia
Cradle 2 - Cassius Select
Eternity - Sattle

Listen to Mooncake Guest Mix: Strap In for SURANA In The Mix36:545 October 2023