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Get Down: Mildlife Discuss Their Unified Theory of Groove

Chris Gill is joined by Jim and Tom, the rhythm section of Naarm/Melbourne groove purveyors Mildlife ahead of the release of their new album Chorus.

The new album is Mildlife’s most optimistic record, serving as a sonic testament to the band's unwavering adoration for the beguiling realms of 70s psychedelic and cosmic sounds, combining Polish jazz and Italo disco alongside a slew of contemporary electronic sounds.

Chorus is about cosmic compatibility and chemistry: what makes things work? Not just what makes the band work, but what makes good music, art or love? It's the rhythm of nature.” 

Listen back to hear about the creation of Mildlife's new album, informed by the band's unified theory of groove.

Listen to Get Down: Mildlife Discuss Their Unified Theory of Groove24:5629 February 2024